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Through the use of sophisticated, industry-leading software and years of industry experience, Apex Elevator is able to review plans and run calculations and simulations to determine the appropriate number of elevators needed for the new development. The results of the calculations and simulations will identify the appropriate number of elevators and the associated speed and capacity. We will then provide advice to put the elevators on the drawings including width and depth of the hoistway, the pit depth, the amount of overhead and requirements for the elevator control and drive equipment. Apex Elevator is also a registered provider of training for the Architectural Institute of BC and can provide lunch and learns upon request.

Capacity Analysis

Apex Elevator uses ELEVATEā„¢ software to calculate and analyze the anticipated traffic patterns in a new development. Based on the results of the traffic studies, our team is able to provide a detailed report outlining elevator solutions, as well as make recommendations on the number of elevators needed and their arrangement, capacity, and speed.

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Design Development/Schematic Design

If you need assistance when it comes to finalizing the elevator design requirements for your new development, we can help. At Apex Elevator, we can provide advice on elevator drawings, including hoistway dimensions, pit depth and overhead, and machine room/control space requirements. Our team will even take the time to coordinate with other consultants to minimize any conflicts in the design, ensuring that elevator safety code compliance is provided.


Apex Elevator establishes baseline parameters for all of the elevator equipment and quality requirements in order to not only match the formatting and style of our clients’ standards but also to meet the national master specification format.

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Past Projects

Tallwood House, Brock Commons, largest wood frame structure in Canada

University of British Columbia
Two Overhead Traction Elevators
Project Description
For this project, we were asked to provide a special construction schedule in which the hoistway was built in advance, so that the elevator installation could keep pace with the faster construction of the wood frame structure. Based on our working knowledge of elevator construction, our professional team was able to work closely with the elevator contractor and general contractor to formulate an appropriate plan of action.

City Centre II

Surrey, BC new Surrey Memorial Hospital
Six Gearless Elevators
Project Description
Through past experience working on both commercial and medical buildings, Apex Elevator was able to determine the appropriate number of elevators needed for this commercial/medical building combination by performing careful analysis and assumptions of traffic flow.