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Apex Elevator provides advice planning for eventual elevator upgrades by assessing the current elevator condition and making recommendations on capital upgrades. Once the needed upgrades have been agreed upon with the client, our team will handle facilitating the preparation of the scope of work by meeting with potential contractors, drafting contracts, reviewing shop drawings, and conducting a final inspection of the completed work.

Condition Assessments

All of our condition assessments are designed to assess what remedial work is required or if equipment needs to be replaced. During a condition assessment, our team will inspect everything from machine room equipment to the door operator and related door equipment, from the cab interior to each of the hall stations. Our team will take the time to review the elevator hoistway and pit to verify complete code compliance; i.e. to ensure there is no water and/or oil leaks in the pit or other potentially hazardous situations.

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Other Building Concerns Related to the Elevator

Since it is important the elevator interfaces with the building properly, modifications to both the electrical (power supply and feeders, fire alarm system, telephone lines, and standby power and associated signals) and mechanical components (machine room operating temperature) may be needed to accommodate elevator requirements.


Elevator Scope of Work Specifications

Since specifications are critical for clearly communicating the desired outcome to the elevator contractors, Apex Elevator has developed and improved on templates that provide robust documents without unnecessarily driving up project costs. Through paying attention to details not only for the elevator scope but also other areas like the scheduling, our team has been able to continually improve our checklists and quality control measures, ensuring accurate specifications for each project.

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Past Projects

Apex Elevator has assisted clients with modernizations in a variety of applications including:

  • Strata Owners
  • Rental Apartment Owners
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Shipboard Elevators
  • University Residences

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