Elevator Services for Firefighters

Elevator Entrapment Training

Our elevator entrapment training services involve training firefighters at their hall, using elevators that they see in real life. Before heading out into the field to simulate entrapments at prearranged buildings, our team will spend time with firefighters in a classroom setting, teaching them about elevators, the risks associated with them, and procedures that can be used to mitigate those risks. In our real-world simulations, firefighters will be expected to go through the rescue step by step to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the critical elements of the procedure.

Elevator Firefighter Operation

Since Apex Elevator spends a great deal of time working with electrical engineers, fire alarm providers and elevators contractors to coordinate the fire alarm system and the elevators to ensure all safety codes are met, we are able to provide firefighters with extensive training on elevator firefighter operation. During this training course, firefighters will be taken through how elevators are supposed to respond to the building fire alarm, how this system can be tested, and how firefighters can operate the elevator.