Started in 2013 and located in Burnaby and Kelowna, Apex Elevator Consulting Inc. offers elevator consulting services to clients throughout BC, Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and further, upon request. Our goal has always been to help people with their elevator questions by providing custom solutions and answers to their specific elevator needs. Apex has Professional Engineers and Certified Elevator Inspectors at their disposal along with a strong support staff who are always ready to tackle any challenges that arise on the jobsite. Apex Elevator offers extensive elevator reports and project management services to a variety of clients, including but not limited to building owners, strata owners, architects, and developers.

Quality Improvement Program and Procedures

At Apex, it is about quality, not quantity. When we prepare our report to provide a condition assessment of your elevator, we will provide a report that is specific to your elevators. Our quality programs start with a quality survey based on checklists created from our experiences on previous surveys. This checklist is continuously being improved to keep up with the latest technology and codes, as well as the knowledge we have gained from our experiences. Our reports are based directly from the quality survey and our end product shows that.

We believe in continuing our education and are always seeking to expand our knowledge base for elevators by attending industry related seminars, participating on elevator subcommittees (such as with EGBC/AIBC), and through our in-house training program.

While the feedback from our clients is awesome, we are not satisfied by staying the same and are always in a state of continuous improvement.