Elevator Assessments and Inspections

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Fund Studies

Apex Elevator can provide intel on your elevator equipment’s operation, maintenance, and code compliance by providing easy-to-read reports that will help you get acquainted with and plan for the future of your elevating devices. From reviewing the overall operation of the elevator and its reliability history to examining the elevator components and assessing where additional maintenance or repairs are required, our team will handle every aspect needed to ensure complete code compliance.

Due Diligence

Apex Elevator provides due diligence specialty reports for clients who are looking to purchase a building and would like to know about its elevator equipment. Our team will examine the elevator equipment and consider variables, such as age, usage, and overall condition of the equipment before expressing a professional opinion on the expected lifespan and capital planning required.

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Reserve Fund Study

Similar to our due diligence specialty reports, our team can also perform a reserve fund study for strata councils. All of our reserve fund study services are designed to meet strata requirements, providing them with a professional opinion on proper capital planning for their elevators.

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