Additional Services

Additional Services

APEX Elevator has a combined total of 70 years of experience helping property managers, architects and developers with all their elevator and escalator needs. Offering support and expertise through the entire process. 

Condition Assessments / Maintenance Audits

APEX provides condition assessments and reports that are designed to assess the current state of the elevators, identify any remedial work required, and determine if equipment needs replacement. During a condition assessment, our team will review all aspects of the elevator system. This includes but is not limited to the machine room equipment, hoist way and door equipment, operating fixtures, hoistway and pit.  Additionally, the APEX team will take the time to review the elevator with respect to code compliance.  APEX provides a report detailing our findings. Maintenance Audits are reports addressing the current state of your elevator assets that address the reliability and performance of your maintenace contractor and promote life expectancy of your elevator equipment. 

Depreciation Reports / Reserve Fund Study

APEX provides independent depreciation reports and/or reserve fund studies for Strata councils and Condominium boards. These customized reports provide an inventory of current elevator equipment in a report that will allow our customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of potential upgrades with recommendations ranging from zero to 25 years out. 

Reducing Elevator Shut Down Programs

We empathize with the frustration and inconvenience caused by recurrent elevator shutdowns with no resolution in sight. Cases with frequent shutdowns as a result of unusual, unexpected reasons can be difficult to diagnose. We are happy to take on the challenge to help restore elevator reliability for our clients. We do this though our pioneered “callback reduction strategy”. We would recommend and facilitate subsequent monthly conference calls or meetings with the Owner, Elevator Contractor, and Consultant for the next three (3) months to implement the callback reduction strategy. This would include: 

  • A review of the Callback history during the time between meetings.
  • A review of maintenance efforts and steps taken by the Elevator Contractor.
  • Discuss feasibility and cost of potential capital improvements that may improve reliability.
  • Revisit strategies as needed to restore reliability.

Elevator Maintenance Contracts

APEX is committed to advocating for clients when creating or negotiating Elevator Maintenance Contracts. APEX helps navigate the complex variables with elevator maintenance agreements including equipment coverage, escalations, handling the code required periodic tests (Cat 5) along with performance and termination clauses.  

Expert Witness

APEX provides third party review, advice and guidance on navigating elevator repairs after floods or other incidences. We work through the nuances of establishing the final scope of work and the impact this might have on the maintenance of the elevators. While simultaneously considering ensuring all code compliances. Additionally, we provide on going project management and assessment services for all elevator repair work. 

Code Analysis

The APEX team are experts in the safety code for elevators and the associated building and electrical codes as they relate to elevators. We offer comprehensive code analysis services for projects, ensuring that elevator and escalator assets comply with relevant codes. APEX not only ensures code compliance but also provides active solutions to ensure your projects meet the necessary requirements. 

Insurance Claim Review

Whether an elevator has recently been installed or modernized, we can provide a review of the equipment to uncover any warranty issues before the warranty period has expired. 

Engineering Drawings (AutoCAD & REVIT)

The APEX team provides drawings in both AutoCAD and REVIT for custom engineering solutions. 

Feasibility Studies

The team at APEX has over 50 years of experience navigating and providing innovative solutions for the most complex elevators and escalators for their clients. APEX provides feasibility studies to explore and resolve complex or uncommon variables with existing or new developments of vertical transportation equipment.  

Noise Assessments

APEX provides reports for noise related concerns of elevator or escalator assets. We have extensive experience working with clients and elevator contractors to mitigate noise concerns. We actively seek to provide tailored solutions and options for each case.  

Escalator Condition Assessment

Upon request APEX provides condition assessments and expert advice that is designed to assess the current state of the escalators, identify any remedial work required, and determine if equipment needs replacement. 

Warranty Review

APEX has been contacted on numerous occasions to provide assistance to the court with expert knowledge on elevator and escalator systems.  Please contact our office to discuss your particular requirements. 

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